Curious minds, you’ve come to the right place.

    Amicus is a publishing company devoted entirely to helping amazing kids learn, grow, and play through the love of great books. Since 2010, Amicus has been a trusted resource for high-quality titles across a wide range of topics and reading levels.

    At Amicus, we respect the individuality of every child. No two kids have the exact combination of reading level, interests, and experiences. Our titles are designed to meet kids where they are, inspiring them to explore, learn, grow, and gain confidence as individuals.

    “Amicus” (uh-MEE-kuss) means “friend,” and a spirit of friendliness touches
    everything we do—from crafting books to providing friendly service and
    prompt shipping for our librarian, teacher, and parent customers.

      Learning should be an adventure, filled with fun, inspiration, and wows of wonder for kids. From wild animals and pro sports to social-emotional learning, we cover topics that widen their world.

      Creating a lifelong love of reading starts early. We deliver stimulating, immersive board books and picture books that capture kids’ attention and create more moments of play and growth.

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