Curiosidad por Nintendo

From the series: Curiosidad por las marcas favoritas

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How did Mario get his name? Could you get paid to play video games? Spark kids' natural curiosity with an inquiry-based exploration of the brand that makes their favorite game consoles, translated into North American Spanish. Did you know Nintendo started out making Japanese playing cards? Its first video game did okay, but the release of Donkey Kong in 1981 was a hit! Since then, the iconic company has become the biggest video game brand in the world. Kid-friendly questions and answers give readers an inside look at Nintendo's early electronics, popular games, creation of Mario, theme parks, and much more. Simple infographics draw in browsers and visual learners. A Stay Curious! feature encourages kids to keep asking questions while doubling as a mini media literacy lesson on research skills. Includes glossary and index.

ISBN: 9781681529615

PUBLISHER: Amicus Publishing

AUTHOR: Rachel Grack




SERIES: Curiosidad por las marcas favoritas

SUBJECTS: Social Studies