Riddle Diddle Rainforest

From the series: Riddle Diddle Dumplings

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Funny rhyming riddles give helpful clues that entice young readers to guess which rainforest animals are hiding under the flaps in this sturdy board book.

I'm a feathery feller, / a canopy dweller, / a brainy bird, too, I swear it!
At rest or in flight, / I'm a colorful sight. / Squawkity-squawk! I'm a . . .

Did you guess parrot? Authors Diane Z. Shore and Deanna Calvert team up with clever rhymes to introduce parrots, sloths, and other rainforest animals. Artist Stephanie Bauer's bright painted patterns and unique colorful textures hide the animals just enough to make this book a fun guessing game.

Serving up a dumpling-sized portion of animal riddles, the Riddle Diddle Dumplings board book series will appeal to toddlers and preschoolers and is perfect for sharing among siblings or multi-age groups of kids.

ISBN: 9781681525228

PUBLISHER: Amicus Publishing

AUTHOR: Diane Z. Shore; Deanna Calvert

Illustrator: Stephanie Bauer




SERIES: Riddle Diddle Dumplings

SUBJECTS: Life Science; Riddles and Games