El nuevo amigo de mi mejor amigo

From the series: Tomando buenas decisiones

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In this Spanish translation of My Best Friend's New Friend, Tife (TEE-fay) and Phoebe (FEE-bee) have been best friends for a long time. But lately, Caitlin has been interrupting their games and asking Phoebe to play. Tife feels left out, and she's worried. How would you handle a sticky friendship situation? In this illustrated choose-your-own-ending picture book, Tife chooses how to respond to her best friend spending time with someone else. Will Tife worry too much, get angry, or ask to be included? Readers make choices for Tife and read what happens next, with each story path leading to different outcomes. Includes four different endings and discussion questions. Expressive illustrations and the power to choose your story support social-emotional learning and decision-making for kids, making this an excellent book to spark discussion and encourage kids to build positive relationships.

ISBN: 9781681528847

PUBLISHER: Amicus Publishing

AUTHOR: Connie Colwell Miller

Illustrator: Sofia Cardoso




SERIES: Tomando buenas decisiones

SUBJECTS: Social and Emotional Health