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    Amicus Readers provide an inviting variety of nonfiction leveled books for K-2, serving young learners in pursuit of reading skills—just like Amicus pursues the big red ball.

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    Amicus Illustrated offers fiction and nonfiction for preschool to grade 6 with highly visual information and stories that students—and our pal Amicus—are after!

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    Like many students, Amicus likes to pursue what's of interest to him. Amicus High Interest books serve individual interests of those in grades 2-6.

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    Amicus Ink features board books, picture books, and paperbacks that encourage young children to explore facts, examine ideas, and imagine new ways of understanding the world.

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    Spot books pair key words with engaging images at the beginning, middle, and end—making it fun to read, spot, and learn.

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    Sequence books explain the processes and timelines behind kids' favorite things. Each title connects products and knowledge step-by-step from idea, through creation and discovery, to the end user.


How do you keep your kids reading all summer? And how do you steer your kids to books that will make them fall in love with reading? Here are a few tips and recommendations from our associate publisher and mother of three, Rebecca Glaser.

Librarians Are Awesome

Visit your local public library and rely on the expertise of the children’s librarians. They are trained in Reader’s Advisory and have wide knowledge of recent and popular books. If your library is open, make a weekly trip and browse the shelves together.

Let Kids Choose

Let your kids choose what to read—whether that’s a book that’s too easy, too hard, too graphic, or too much of anything that wasn’t what you read when you were a kid. It’s easy to think that because YOU fell in love with reading that title as a kid, they will too. Maybe. Maybe not. If they’re reading something else, it’s okay! (My kids love manga and fan fiction.)

Encourage Curiosity

Encourage their natural curiosity about the world. What do they observe? What do they wonder about? There’s probably an age-appropriate nonfiction book about that topic! And reading a book will give them a more in-depth background than a quick search on your phone.

Build a Home Library

I can’t even count the number of times my kids want a new book at odd hours, when there’s no chance the library’s open. And books are the one thing I’m almost always willing to splurge on—but I can never pass up a bargain, either. Look for sales!

We love helping match the right books with the right readers. Here are a few recommendations to keep kids reading and learning this summer.

Tails and Tales

This year’s summer reading theme, sponsored by the Collaborative Summer Library Program, is “Tails and Tales.” In I’ve Got a Tail, zoologist Julie Murphy explores fascinating adaptations of animals. Which animal uses its tail as a tripod? Which uses their tail as bait for prey? Filled with animal trivia, share this beautiful picture book with the animal lovers in your life.

Making a Difference

You don’t have to be grown up to make a difference. Inspire kids with the Sequence biographies The Life of Ruby Bridges and The Life of Malala Yousafzai. And for budding young activists, explore You Can Make Changes: Petition or Ignore? from our choose-your-own-ending Making Good Choices series.

Hands-On Learning

Some kids don’t learn just by reading, they learn by doing. Encourage self-directed experiments and craft activities by sharing the books in our Adventures in Science series. Can you cook s’mores with a solar oven built out of a pizza box or make a coin dance on a bottle? Check out our free STEM activity downloads.

Just for Fun

Don’t overlook the power of a favorite sports figure or favorite animal to engage young readers. Check out Pro Sports Biographies for powerful stories of both male and female athletes. Favorite Dog Breeds, Favorite Cat Breeds, and Favorite Horse Breeds are great for young animal lovers.

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