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    Amicus Readers provide an inviting variety of nonfiction leveled books for K-2, serving young learners in pursuit of reading skills—just like Amicus pursues the big red ball.

  • Illustrated


    Amicus Illustrated offers fiction and nonfiction for preschool to grade 6 with highly visual information and stories that students—and our pal Amicus—are after!

  • High Interest


    Like many students, Amicus likes to pursue what's of interest to him. Amicus High Interest books serve individual interests of those in grades 2-6.

  • Ink


    Amicus Ink features board books, picture books, and paperbacks that encourage young children to explore facts, examine ideas, and imagine new ways of understanding the world.

  • Spot


    Spot books pair key words with engaging images at the beginning, middle, and end—making it fun to read, spot, and learn.

  • Sequence


    Sequence books explain the processes and timelines behind kids' favorite things. Each title connects products and knowledge step-by-step from idea, through creation and discovery, to the end user.


Many thanks to Library Media Connection, who reviewed and recommended several of our series in their May-June 2012 issue. Below are a few highlights from their reviews. Click on the series links for more information:

Animal Life Cycles
"This attractive series absolutely nails it for the beginning reader who wants more information about interesting animals. Altogether, just what a primary school library needs!"

Be Prepared
"Librarians and primary grade teachers should take note of this emerging reader series that is both informative and life-saving."

Let's Compare
"With nonfiction being emphasized more and more in the early level classroom, this series has some real strengths."

Side by Side
"Although short, each story reassures young readers and will make a valuable addition to library collections for group sharing or individual reading."

Olympic Sports
"This striking series provides easy-to-access information in an attractive, well-organized manner. With the forthcoming 2012 Summer Games, this should be a popular series."