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    Amicus Readers provide an inviting variety of nonfiction leveled books for K-2, serving young learners in pursuit of reading skills—just like Amicus pursues the big red ball.

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    Amicus Illustrated offers fiction and nonfiction for preschool to grade 6 with highly visual information and stories that students—and our pal Amicus—are after!

  • High Interest


    Like many students, Amicus likes to pursue what's of interest to him. Amicus High Interest books serve individual interests of those in grades 2-6.

  • Ink


    Amicus Ink features board books, picture books, and paperbacks that encourage young children to explore facts, examine ideas, and imagine new ways of understanding the world.

  • Spot


    Spot books pair key words with engaging images at the beginning, middle, and end—making it fun to read, spot, and learn.

  • Sequence


    Sequence books explain the processes and timelines behind kids' favorite things. Each title connects products and knowledge step-by-step from idea, through creation and discovery, to the end user.

2022 Review Round-Up

We're celebrating the reviews our titles earned in 2022. Read below for the review highlights!


Little Nature Explorers

"...builds the groundwork of a nature-based vocabulary." —Booklist
"Children are never too young for the fascinating details surrounding the monarch. This is a perfect addition to the natural science shelves." —School Library Journal
"Preliterate young gardeners will love the images of the process unfurling." —School Library Journal
"Budding leaf peepers are given a welcoming, straightforward snapshot of the season with this book’s focus on fall’s basic attributes." —Publisher’s Weekly
"Wildflowers don’t just happen, as is revealed in this bright, delight-filled board book about the interconnectedness, and interdependency, of nature’s tiniest features." —Foreword Reviews
"... a fun way for toddlers to learn about the life cycle of butterflies and plants." —The Picture Book Buzz
"The rhyming text is perfect for practicing keeping a steady beat, as well as vocal exploration in music class ..." —Children’s Literature
"Highly recommend this title for any elementary personal or school library, to use at the beginning of a lesson, or as a way to transition to talking about the new season that is coming." —Children’s Literature

One Blue Gnu

"Both clever and contemporary, this will please screen-savvy toddlers." —Booklist
"This is an outlandish and over-the-top story, full to the brim of fantastic fun." —Children’s Literature
"Sure to be an immediate favorite read aloud, One Blue Gnu is a must on home bookshelves and for all classroom and public library collections." —Celebrate Picture Books Blog

Sun & Son

"In this endearing picture book, pairs of verbs describing dual-yet-converging storylines showcase a reader-friendly way to think about language." —Shelf Awareness
"The illustrations are lovely and gentle, and a great deal of visual imagery is used to stimulate the child’s imagination." —Children’s Literature

The Great Cookie Kerfuffle

“There’s a moral dimension too . . . Only with the arrival of a feared common enemy do the farm animals remember to make common cause, putting an end to the great cookie kerfuffle.” —Wall Street Journal
"This innovative counting book will be intriguing to youngsters who are beginning to learn their numbers. The cartoonlike illustrations add to the humor and provide objects for the children to count as the story progresses." —Children’s Literature


Mini Math Mysteries

"VERDICT Recommended strictly to supplement a classroom lesson, or offer to puzzle or math enthusiasts." —School Library Journal
"Because of the interactive story format and the learning potential, this book is a must purchase." —School Library Journal
"This fun, feel-good, interactive book has wide appeal and is highly recommended for beginner chapter book readers." —School Library Journal
"Lending to the comprehension are brightly colored digital illustrations with solutions in large, clear fonts and images." —Booklist
"This is a really fun way to engage the reader and work on skills as important as math ... A wonderful resource for any library!" —Children’s Literature

My Life With…

"...My Life with a Food Allergy provides a good starting point for increasing diversity, promoting inclusion, and may offer an opportunity for children with food allergies to see themselves represented in literature. This is an excellent addition to libraries striving for inclusion and serving younger populations." —Children’s Literature
"...this book provides a good starting point for increasing diversity and promoting inclusion; it also may offer an opportunity for children with anxiety to see themselves represented in literature. This is an excellent addition to libraries striving for inclusion and serving younger populations." —Children’s Literature

Mi vida con…

"[T]his is an excellent addition to libraries striving for inclusion and serving younger populations." —Children’s Literature
" ... this book provides a good starting point for increasing diversity and promoting inclusion. It may offer an opportunity for children with cerebral palsy to see themselves represented in literature. This is an excellent addition to libraries striving for inclusion and serving younger populations." —Children’s Literature


Curious about Cool Rides

"The clean design features a good balance between white space and crisp, colorful photos, and the back matter’s questions, activities, and sources extend the text." —Booklist

Curious about Outer Space

"An exceptional series on our solar system’s planets. Highly recommended for libraries, schools, and homeschooling collections." —School Library Journal
" ... a great reference for elementary classrooms or libraries. So readers can learn more, the author provides a list of books and websites for more information." —Children’s Literature
"This book is a good introduction to our best-known ringed planet, and it will hopefully encourage the reader to learn more about it." —Children’s Literature 
"Spark early readers’ natural curiosity about planets with this inquiry-based nonfiction approach to Saturn." —Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin

Curious about Pets

"A solid mix of general information and care data to supplement pet collections." —School Library Journal
"The short sentences and well-spaced lines of text are inviting for young readers, particularly in combination with the many appealing photos of rabbits." —Booklist
“A wonderful addition to any family or elementary library!" —Children’s Literature 

Curious about Unexplained Mysteries

"High-quality, captioned photos and simple infographics support the text..." —Booklist, STARRED REVIEW (UFOS)
"The design is clean and the images are attention-grabbing..." —School Library Journal


Change Maker Biographies

"This series will make a nice addition to classroom shelves and appeal to readers who wish to know more about important ladies in history." —Booklist
"There is more information in the book than in a typical school textbook ... A must for any library!" —Children’s Literature
"The use of photographs make this inspirational book even more powerful ... A powerful and inspiring biography!" —Children’s Literature
" a good choice to pair and/or compare and contrast with Mary Pope Osborne’s Civil War on Sunday from the "Magic Tree House" series. Recommended for purchase by school and public libraries serving elementary-aged students and looking to enhance their biography selection." —Children’s Literature

Developments in Technology

"With accessible writing that’s as easy to understand as it is engaging, lots of photos and illustrations, and an easy flow, these are excellent for researchers and curious readers alike. VERDICT First purchases all around." —School Library Journal
"With colorful pages and large photographs throughout, this book will keep readers' attention easily from cover to cover ... serve as a great resource for computer science and STEAM teachers." —Children’s Literature

National Landmarks

"An excellent resource for young engineers, geologists, and readers interested in construction and design." —Booklist


Spot Big Birds

" ... well-chosen photos, which emphasize the physical features and natural behaviors of these large birds, in addition to aptly supporting the text." —Booklist