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A Tiny Brown Monkey on the Big Blue Earth

A Tiny Brown Monkey on the Big Blue Earth

Tory Christie / Luciana Navarro Powell

In the middle of a South American jungle, a tiny brown monkey swings from a branch. Where is his place on the big, blue Earth?

Starting with a tiny monkey in the Amazon rainforest, this richly illustrated poem by scientist Tory Christie illuminates a unique geographical perspective, showcasing South America’s environment. Luciana Navarro Powell’s ever-widening views take readers from jungle to mountain to village and city, country, continent, ocean, and finally the planet in space. Endsheets include a map of South America labeling the places shown.

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A Little Round Panda on the Big Blue Earth

A Little Round Panda on the Big Blue Earth

Tory Christie / Luciana Navarro Powell
In the middle of a Chinese forest, a little round panda munches on bamboo. Where is his place on the big, blue Earth?

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A Tiny Brown Monkey on the Big Blue Earth
A Little Round Panda on the Big Blue Earth

Big Blue Earth

Where is your place on the big blue Earth? This richly illustrated series illuminates unique geographical perspectives. Starting with close-ups on one animal, the ever-widening views show areas from forest to village, city to state, country, continent, and ocean, and finally the planet in space. Includes a map labeling places shown. Perfect for inspiring young minds to think big, these picture books also support C3 standards for geography related to maps, culture, and environment. 

Free downloadable activities provide ideas for teaching geography, science, and art! 



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  • Hardcover with jacket

  • Pages: 32

  • Trim Size: 10" x 9.5"

School Library Journal - Starred Review,
October 25, 2019

“A tiny brown monkey swings through his jungle home. The next series of spreads depicts the small creature going about his daily routine as the scene zooms out, and he is shown high above a town where a bus packed with people is trundling its way to a big city. That big city is on the coast of a much larger continent, which is situated on Earth, a rotating planet in space. Though that small monkey knows his own home well, he may not ever realize the great expanse of the planet on which he finds himself. From the first moment, readers are plunged into a vibrant world of color and texture in this beautiful book. Illustrations rich in detail dominate every page of this story. The book’s design highlights these riveting images, including end papers that educate readers about the geographic locations described in the text. Lovely, poetic phrases guide readers on a journey from the rain forest of Brazil into outer space, utilizing spare language that is highly accessible to young readers and reminds them that every small creature is part of a large and interconnected world. VERDICT Though it is designed for preschool and early elementary aged children, this book will be enjoyed by readers of all ages thanks to its thoughtful design and memorable presentation. ”—Mary Lanni

Unpacking the POWER of Picture Books,
December 2020

“In my opinion, and that's what I offer here, there are too few picture books published for the "American" market that are set in South America. The fact that most of us in the USA treat the word AMERICAN as if it applies only to our country is an important reason to check out this new picture book. Our culture offers very little space for really learning about our continental neighbor to the south, and what most of us do "know" is stereotypical, or simplistic, or just plain wrong.   A TINY BROWN MONKEY ON THE BIG BLUE EARTH is written by Tory Christie and illustrated by Lucianna Navarro Powell. This book is a welcome ZOOM experience (and I don't mean video-conferencing). The tiny brown monkey zooms in for a close-up view from monkey's multiple perspectives within the Serra dos Orgaos National Park in Brazil. In the successive pages, zooming out a bit at a time, readers follow a jungle trail into a smaller village (Town of Guapimirim). There the reader observes a crowded bus, zooming out further to continue through increasingly populated areas until reaching the City of Rio de Janeiro.   Along the way the saturated and textured illustrations are a feast for the eyes. The detailed images offer a challenge to curious readers to identify various animal and plant life. Once the perspective reaches the vibrant and illuminated city, perched on the brink of the Atlantic Ocean, readers are launched into a starry sky that reveals how vast and beautiful this planet is as it swirls through space.   It is more important than ever to expand our knowledge and appreciation for our endangered planet, for our continental neighbors and their complex societies and resources, and the place within this world for ourselves and for tiny brown monkeys, and every form of animal, vegetable, and mineral on land and in the sea. That goal may be a stretch for adults who have already prioritized what "matters" or merits their attention, but this book is a delightful way to engage the youngest among us on a lifetime of curiosity, appreciation, and respect.   By the way, I was able to include those labels of the national park and village and city because the Brazilian illustrator incorporated fantastic endpapers with labeled “map pins” marking the most important locations referenced in the story. The continental land mass illustration incorporates some basic geologic markers, too, making this an appealing introduction to map reading and geography study.   Did I mention what a cutie that tiny brown monkey is?   I received a copy of this new picture book from Amicus Ink to consider for review, with no promises. I gave it a close look because I've been a fan of the several categories of Amicus books since they launched, and recently reviewed another fine story from this imprint, EXTRAORDINARY, ORDINARY ELLA. I'm looking forward to what is next in their planning for picture books. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, enjoy this glorious picture book ZOOM visit to an amazingly beautiful patch of our big blue planet. ”—Sandy Brehl

School Library Journal - Starred Review,
August 1, 2021

“This lyrical picture book [A Little Round Panda on the Big Blue Earth] opens with a small adorable round panda chewing on bamboo and then slowly pulls back to depict forests, rivers, villages, towns, and city, from the Sichuan Province to Shanghai, until readers see the view from space before zooming back in on the panda. By highlighting the interconnectedness of the world from a small specific location, the beautifully rendered combination of text and illustration takes readers on a journey through perspective. The poetic nature of the words draws readers in while the illustrations expand on and enhance the simple but evocative wording. In detailed, textured illustrations, Powell evokes the beauty and deep greens of the bamboo forests, the intricate layers of the rice terraces, the warm pastels of the countryside, the deep rich tones of the city, and the bold brightness of the greater planet. End papers include a map of the area shared and its relation to the world. VERDICT With a spare text, this book can be shared with preschoolers as a wonderful read-aloud, or for older readers to peruse alone. ”—Kristyn Dorfman

A Kids Book a Day - A Little Round Panda,
October 26, 2021

“"We’ve seen books before that start at a certain geographic point and slowly move out into space. This one starts with a cute panda and moves to different locations in China with beautiful illustrations that warrant close examination. This would be a great introduction to maps for younger kids." ”—Janet Dawson