A Year in Review: 2023

Celebrate the end of another year of great books with us as we look back on some remarkable reviews! 

Amicus Ink

Baby Dinosaurs

"This book [Baby Stegosaurus] will appeal to young dinosaur lovers and those people who care for them. Recommended for sharing with toddlers and preschoolers." —Children’s Literature

"For the young dinosaur enthusiast, this book [Baby T. Rex] is a must have book! Colorful illustrations and rhythmic/lyrical writing makes this story one can read aloud over and over again." —Children’s Literature

"The rhyming text, full of clever, active verbs, is well-paired with colorful, active illos using fun perspectives." —Lynn Becker Books

Little Animal Friends

"Written in rhyme and illustrated with a dazzling likeness to these creatures' natural habitat, Little Walrus and Little Otter convey a parent-child relationship that is loving, nurturing, supportive, and safe." —Where the Board Books Are

The Glorious Forest that Fire Built

"This is a compelling book told from a unique point of view [and] will make a great addition to elementary school classrooms, especially science ones." —Seattle Book Review

"The words, illustrations, and nonfiction features provide the perfect resource for poetry, writing, art, science, geography, agriculture, and social studies lessons for elementary and middle school students." —Children’s Literature

"Ginny tells a tale using rhyme and a familiar structure that kids will recognize ... from the point of view of the forest..." —Archimedes Notebook

Everything a Drum

" An inviting endorsement of creative, musical play." —Publishers Weekly


Amicus Learning

Curious about Mythical Creatures

"Driven by engaging visuals and thoughtful questions answered by the main text. Concluding prompts and resources will further fuel kids’ curiosity." —Booklist

"This appealing series on a perennially popular topic is highly recommended for public and school libraries. " —School Library Journal

Curious about Pets

"The highly visual volumes divide their content into three chapters that nicely balance white space with crisp, close-up animal photos and colorful infographics..." —Booklist

"A solid introduction for kids interested in less common pets." —School Library Journal

Making Good Choices

"Useful SEL tools that allow readers to face tough choices in a risk-free environment." —Booklist

"Sweet illustrations and multiple endings make this fun to read. The realistic reactions and situations make it a useful tool for SEL learning." —School Library Journal

Mi vida con…

"An essential series for virtually any collection." —School Library Journal

My Life With…

"This realistic yet positive series helps readers understand the spectrum of medical conditions in young people." —Booklist

"A welcome addition to libraries looking to increase medical diversity in their picture books and story times." —School Library Journal

Tale vs. Truth

"A giant opportunity to integrate STEM and language arts." —Booklist

Spot Our Solar System

"Perfect for early readers, with simple text and engaging photos plus the twist of a scavenger hunt." —School Library Journal

"[Saturn] uses simple language to encourage early readers..." —Booklist

Posted 12/1/23